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What they say about us?

  • Scott C.: Very fun and quick build. handful of spare parts and decent instructions. Great customer service and fast shipping to the west coast of US.

  • Selina H.: Same quality if not better than Lego. My hubby really like the small gift.

  • Paul L.: Looks like a quick 30 mins built but took me more than 2 hrs. Worth every penny spent. Love it and will certainly come back!

  • Michael J.: Fourth time buying from fantascar. Happy return customer and cheapest I can find.

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Design with Passion

We are a group of LEGO enthusiasts from Maryland, U.S who are passionate about delivering incredible designs/products to our customers. Sharing what we love and exceeding your expectations are our goals:) We're the largest LEGO display solution provider in US with a famous brand FANTASMALL

This FANTASCAR is a brand new 8-stud size Brick Car Store with a comprehensive and innovative design. We strive to offer the best quality products at the lowest prices for all our customers.